About Me

Currently working in Houston as a mechanical engineer at a custom electronics company while working on getting a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Houston.

I earned an Applied Sciences degree in Welding Technology from Texas State Technical College (Waco) in 2007. I then worked as a welder, sheet metal fabricator, machinist, and draftsman at a welding and fabrication shop for just over 5 years in Bryan, TX.

I moved to Houston in 2012 (after tiring of the college-town life in Bryan/College Station) and worked as a welder at an O&G company for a few months before being promoted to the company’s engineering department. I left a little over a year later (with the encouragement of the head engineer) to pursue an engineering degree full-time.

I now work full-time while being a part-time student (gotta pay the bills).

My hobbies include just about any form of making things (i.e. welding, machining, woodworking, sewing, electronics, metal-casting). Thus is the purpose of this webpage.

I spend most of my time at TX/RX Labs (Houston’s Hackerspace) hanging out, building stuff, fixing stuff, and helping others do the same.

For more from me, I use the handle/username “Tensaiteki” on these other sites (there may be more, but these are the main ones):

  • reddit – Yes, that is my one and only reddit account and I don’t care who knows it.
  • YouTube – My YouTube “channel”
  • CNCZone – CNC machines and machining.
  • WeldingWeb – All things welding, I’m also a moderator.
  • AlloyAvenue – Foundry and casting.


The following are NOT me, just other people that use the same or a similar handle:

  • http://tensaiteki.deviantart.com/  – I wish I had that kind of artistic skill
  • pretty much anything anime related that comes up if you Google “Tensaiteki.” I haven’t posted anything anime related online since, like, 2003.