CNC Cut Plywood Chairs With Laser Cut Cushions

Built a pair of chairs using the big CNC router and laser cutter.

The design for these chairs comes from .

The wood parts were cut from 3/4″ sanded pine plywood on the big 4′ x 8′ CNC router at TX/RX Labs. After assembly, I finished them with several coats of clear shellac.




I made the cushions from old pairs of jeans that had been damaged on the front by welding sparks and spatter.

I made all the pieces for each cushion using the laser cutter (also at the Labs). I did all the sewing with high-strength thread using an old craftsman sewing machine that was passed down from my mother, to my sister, and then to me.

The center parts of the seat cushions pieced together:

One of the finished back cushions before being turned right-side-out:

The finished chairs with cushions: